Welcome to the world of Flawtoys, where art and design merge to create unique resin art toys that captivate the imagination. Sander, the artist and creator behind Flawtoys, is a native of the Netherlands. His passion for art and design has taken him across borders, allowing him to craft pieces that transcend geographical boundaries and resonate with collectors worldwide.

At Flawtoys, Sander specializes in creating clear and clean-looking art toys that seamlessly blend into any environment. His designs are minimalistic yet striking, each piece embodying a balance of simplicity and intricate detail. This approach ensures that Flawtoys can find a perfect spot in any setting, whether it’s a modern living room, a quirky studio, or a minimalist environment.

Every Flawtoys creation is crafted and packaged by hand. This hands-on process ensures that each toy meets the highest standards of quality and artistry while keeping a unique flavor to every singular sculpture.